Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pet photography in West Yorkshire and beyond!

Hi all,

This week, aside from doing some test product shots for Saks hairdressers I have also had a hoot doing another doggie photoshoot.

Pet photography is such a thoroughly entertaining business - you never know where you'll end up or the extremes you'll go to to get your shots.

The doggies in question where two spritely characters named Benson and Hedges. This duo were rescued and now, I'm happy to report, live in the lap of luxury.

The location for our cavorting was a beautifully desolate beach in Mablethorpe (next door to Skegness) and the weather was absolutely fantastic - 18 degrees - it really felt like summer.

So what kind of doggies are these two?? Well we don't really know. Lets just say they are the kind that love a jolly good frolick on the beach!!

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All the best!


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