Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wedding photography websites

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As a professional photographer based in Leeds I often find myself travelling around the UK to meet potential clients and conduct pre wedding and wedding shoots. This amount of travelling often pails into insignificance though when compared to the amount of travelling a lot of wedding guests do to be there on their friends' or families' special day.

One of my more recent weddings was shot at Harewood House (recommend this venue to any one who's currently looking) and there must have been over 10 guests who had travelled all the way from the States...stomps all over my carbon footprint!

It's really quite common to have people make huge journeys for such significant occasions, and it's one of a handful of reasons that lead me to incorporate bespoke websites into my digital package. It's a wonderfully simple way to let your guests relive the experience of your day no matter where they are in the world.

Here's an example of another recent wedding that I completed in the Humberside area...please do follow the link. This site is totally personalised to the bride and grooms tastes but I do have their permission to show it to you :)

If you want more info on my digital package then please do get in touch.

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