Friday, 25 June 2010

Refugee Week

As a culmination of a week of events in Wakefield, the Cathedral was temporarily turned in to a gig venue for an array of wonderful musicians from across the world. This was the hiatus of refugee week in Wakefield.

I was there due to Nematolye, a new band that I have done some recent commercial photography work, staging their very first live performance. And what a majestic setting to start your live performances with!

Sadly the timing coincided with the England match and that will have no doubt reduced numbers somewhat. Having said that, those that did go were rewarded with some beautiful sounds from around the world, free food and contributed to a very worthy cause.

If you need any events covering in the Yorkshire area then please get in touch paulscottphotography

Paul Scott

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Scrappy & Sparkie

Hi there,

It certainly is a fantastic time of year to be out and about doing animal shoots. Sunshine, meandering rivers and a couple of crazy kids called Scrappy and Sparkie is all you need for a barrel of laughs in Leeds.

I can thoroughly recommend a walk around the Ings in Wetherby for some lovely scenery and loads of swim potential if your dogs are that way inclined. I was there on Friday taking shots for a client who had taken me up on my offer of a free doggie shoot. We all had an cracker of an afternoon and teamwork and a little patience got some great results!

Paul Scott

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Quick flash websites

Hi there,

All websites have pictures right? Well interesting ones certainly do. I not only take pictures for websites but I am also able to design them.

If you are a new business that needs a fresh, polished, professional website at a good price then you may want to consider giving me a call. Within only a couple of days (depends on size of project and how much content is ready to plug in) I can have a fully search engine optimized, great looking Flash website up and running.

I come at websites from a purely design based perspective so I use the best online design hosting sites available, design your site and then hand over the passwords at the end so that you are able (with a little training from me) to upload new pictures and insert new text at leisure. You pay me purely for design, build and photography work (if necessary) - not for hosting or anything else that incurs ongoing costs.

My websites packages can include

  • Galleries
  • Facebook & Twitter plug ins
  • Google maps
  • Contact forms
  • comments section
  • e-commerce
  • Blog set up
  • Analytics
...and loads more.

I got into this field simply by designing my own website ( and then having business associates refer me to prospective clients. Feel free to view my last couple of websites and .

If you then need some help marketing your products/services then this can also be accommodated through my association with who are phenomenally talented and well respected in the world of corporate communications and branding in the UK.

A very straightforward website can be as little as £200 and would include a mini corporate photo shoot so do give me a call if you are interested.


Paul Scott

Eg of product shot from

Pet Portraits - Recommend a friend

Hi there,

Right now in Leeds the sun is shining and the parks are stunning. So if you fancy taking your dog for a slightly different walk then now is a fantastic time to take advantage of my offer of a free animal photo shoot.

As I am a professional photographer based in Leeds, I charge nothing to meet you and take some pictures of your adorable canine companion provided that you are in the area (outside Leeds I charge a minimal fee to cover petrol). You will get to see 40 plus stunning images of your pet out in beautiful surroundings and/or in the comfort of its own home. I only charge if you like the images and want them for yourselves at which point there are numerous options available.

  • Full watermark free DVD of images - £75
  • Wonderful professional hard backed books - £75 and upwards
  • Prints - £20 and upwards
  • Web book (online bespoke dog website) £30
The beauty of this deal is that you only pay if you like what you see - and if you choose the DVD option then you are can do entirely as you wish with your images!

On top of this if you recommend a friend who subsequently invests in some quality images of their pet with me then I will include a wonderful Web book for absolutely free.

If you want to see more of my work then please visit and check out the animals gallery. I'll be updating the images this week so please check it out!

Paul Scott


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Music photography in West Yorkshire

Hey there!

In the last couple of months I have been having a lot of fun spending some time with some very enthusiastic musicians from Leeds and helping them with some publicity shots as well as designing this website ...

If you are into world music you should definitely check them out. The inspiration behind the band is Jali Burama, a fantastic kora playing griot from the Gambia. Jali recently recorded his first solo album which was swiftly followed up by his band, Nematolye's recording session only two weeks ago. We had a great time enjoying these sessions in Djembe master Luke Howells basement and at Ross' Ghost Town recording studios. I wish these guys all the best in their creative endeavors - they really nailed it on the night!

If you are an aspiring musician and need a hand getting together some authentic images then please do give me a call.

My details as always can be found at

Paul Scott

Free Doggie Photoshoot

Hello all dog lovers,

Just a quick note to promote my current offer of a free dog (to be honest all animals would qualify) photo shoot. That's right the shoot is free - I only charge if you want the images. There is absolutely no obligation to buy images after the if you don't like them then you haven't lost anything :)

So in terms of the cost I charge £75 for a DVD of the best images (40 and beyond generally) which once you have you are free to do with as you please. All images are high quality JPEG's, many of which will receive the benefit of my post production (photoshop etc) skills. This is exceptional value - I know many charging more for a single print. In addition I can produce beautiful photobooks that begin at £75 (second & third copies at a discount rate). I work mainly in the Leeds area but will travel happily in West Yorkshire and beyond (45p per mile if outside Leeds area).

A typical animal photo shoot (is there such a thing??) lasts between 1 and 2 hours and will generally entail a pleasant walk in the park, a few doggie treats and then home for some nice closeups (once the dog is a little tired and totally comfortable with me).

I try for a range of shots to give you a nice variety of pictures. I work close up and at a distance with the best Nikon lenses that money can buy. These allow me to capture exhilarating action shots as well as beautiful soft portraits. In terms of style nothing is really out of the question - for me if the photo looks great and captures the essence of the animal then I have done my job well.

Please get in touch if you fancy creating a wonderful keepsake of your bestest friend :)

Paul Scott