Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pet photography in West Yorkshire and beyond!

Hi all,

This week, aside from doing some test product shots for Saks hairdressers I have also had a hoot doing another doggie photoshoot.

Pet photography is such a thoroughly entertaining business - you never know where you'll end up or the extremes you'll go to to get your shots.

The doggies in question where two spritely characters named Benson and Hedges. This duo were rescued and now, I'm happy to report, live in the lap of luxury.

The location for our cavorting was a beautifully desolate beach in Mablethorpe (next door to Skegness) and the weather was absolutely fantastic - 18 degrees - it really felt like summer.

So what kind of doggies are these two?? Well we don't really know. Lets just say they are the kind that love a jolly good frolick on the beach!!

If you are interested in having some quality pictures taken of your pets then please do get in touch. Details of my pet photography service can be found on my website

All the best!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Commercial photography in Leeds for social media communication guru's

Hi there,

As part of last months photographic adventures I conducted a photoshoot around The Calls in Leeds for the very cool people at Ten Horizon . These guys specialise in social media communication (that's things like raising awareness through video and podcasts, blogs and the like), business is booming for them and it's no surprise really... they are damned good at it.

The brief was to capture their personalities and blend that into the context of their business values and working culture. They're proffesional, slick, effective but also wonderfully ebullient, engaging, creative and fun. These images would be used not only to update their website, but also for future press releases and various other business to business communications. So to help give us plenty of creative options I traced a route around some of the trendier parts of Leeds prior to the shoot and managed to figure out a few workable backdrops. The images needed to be relatively candid and fluid - showing the vibrance of their personality but with a twist of urban cool.

As it transpired this was one of the most enjoyable shoots I've done to date - decent weather, well specced locations and a couple of business leaders who were totally up for making the most out of the occasion. I doff my cap to both Jon and Karen (owners of Ten Horizon) for participating in what was at times almost guerilla style photography - it was a great experience with some fantastic results!

If you'd like to know more about my commercial photography services around Leeds (or anywhere in the UK for that matter) then as always details are on my website .

...and if you're looking to really boost your customer comms through savvy social media communication then I'm sure Jon and Karen will be happy to do the business for you.

All the best


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Music Photography in Leeds

Hey all,

Here's a couple of shots taken from a gig at Milo Bar in Leeds last month. The band in question is called The Echo Chamber which for pop pickers sits in the Electro Pop genre (so I'm told!!).

This was an interesting brief as the main deal was to try and capture the ambience of the light show that was being projected on to the musicians. It was really cool - clearly two very talented lads ....and the first time I'd ever seen VJing done! (like DJ ing but with visuals, real time mixing of visuals to accompany the music).

If you're curious to know what The Echo Chamber sound like then have a listen

....and of course if you're in and around Leeds, or anywhere in West Yorkshire (or the North for that matter!) and want any music photography doing or any type of commercial photography then do get in touch. As always details are on my site .

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Work for other artists include...

Monday, 13 September 2010

August wedding photography around Yorkshire and beyond! Pt1

Hi all,

I had a pretty full schedule last months on the wedding front, rampaging around West Yorkshire, Humberside and Cheshire... so I thought I'd post a couple of images to show you what I've been up.

This set features Bramhall Hall (Stockport), Wakefield Cathedrall (er..Wakefield), Harewood House (Leeds) and Leeds Town Hall ( guessed it...Leeds).

Coming soon... a broader range of services to allow more people access to stunning wedding photography. The new suite of services will benefit both those who require a simpler service as well as those who want the full monty (so to speak).

With that said, if you want to know more please do get in touch - details as always are here

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Video slide shows can be embedded into your bespoke website!


Hi there,

This video slide show has been embedded into a couples personalised website

When pictures are put to the right type of music I'm sure that you'll agree the result is powerful.

These video's can also be rendered in high quality and burned to DVD.

Personalised websites is such a unique service I know my customers love, so please do have a look.

All the best


Wedding photography websites

Hi All,

As a professional photographer based in Leeds I often find myself travelling around the UK to meet potential clients and conduct pre wedding and wedding shoots. This amount of travelling often pails into insignificance though when compared to the amount of travelling a lot of wedding guests do to be there on their friends' or families' special day.

One of my more recent weddings was shot at Harewood House (recommend this venue to any one who's currently looking) and there must have been over 10 guests who had travelled all the way from the States...stomps all over my carbon footprint!

It's really quite common to have people make huge journeys for such significant occasions, and it's one of a handful of reasons that lead me to incorporate bespoke websites into my digital package. It's a wonderfully simple way to let your guests relive the experience of your day no matter where they are in the world.

Here's an example of another recent wedding that I completed in the Humberside area...please do follow the link. This site is totally personalised to the bride and grooms tastes but I do have their permission to show it to you :)

If you want more info on my digital package then please do get in touch.

All the best


Monday, 6 September 2010

Saks goes into male grooming - Corporate Branding Photoshoot with Big Brother Winner Anthony Hutton

Hey there,

Last month I went down to Covent Garden, London to complete a commercial photography comission for Saks hairdressers at their head office.

The brief was simply to capture cool shots of the MD, a past Big Brother winner (Anthony Hutton) and a couple of models in order to help launch a new arm of Saks franchise that caters specifically for the male grooming market.

I managed to pull off some nice images in 3 locations in around about an hour and a half, with the aid of models, stylists and a bit of natural light. Can't really say fairer than that - a great experience and a lot of fun!

If you require commercial photography, be it for a rebrand, business to business comms, or just to refresh your website, then get in touch and see for details.

Paul Scott

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Hello there!

I've been a bit remiss recently with the old blog, so I thought it's about time I let the world know what I've been up to recently.

First up its a bit of portraiture. I love all the types of photography I do but I have to say that doing portraiture can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Really the vision and expertese can become secondary to the rapport that's necessary to create to get the right images.

This shoot was done to help someone put together a portfolio that could be used to further the childrens' ambitions to be models...and after having spent some time with these two starletts I can safely say that they'll have no problems fulfilling their ambitions!

Short and sweet I know but time is pressing. Next up London shoot for Saks new franchise - with some one you might recognise :)

Stay tuned.

Paul Scott