Friday, 28 January 2011

Event photography - Saks annual franchisee conference and awards

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This blog details the third and final part of a campaign for Saks Hair & Beauty. For a general overview of the campaign click here.

It was great to attend this event as it was, in addition to the the usual annual conference and awards, the platform for launching the all the branding work that I have talked about in the last three blogs. So for me it was the first time I'd see the images I had done in the flesh. In presentation form, in marketing material and in film. Exciting stuff!

My brief was not to get carried away with seeing my hard work displayed all over the place, no it was to capture all the proceedings, reportage style and to get some particular group and head shots (for internal publishing) and to get the winners being presented with their awards for the press. So full coverage, and enough to keep me busy for about eight hours (I get used to this type of thing by doing weddings - stamina required!).

The actual brand reignition went down really well with the franchisees and the awards created an excellent buzz. It was great to see all that hard work and investment in quality marketing being crystallised and starting to pay off. My focus during the presentation was on trying to get images that could not only be used to show that a presentation was happening - but also to convey the message of the presentation. The image becomes a lot more powerful (and useable) as a result.

If you need coverage at an event or are considering photography to help you with your marketing and branding then do get in touch.

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