Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Images of Scotland

Hi All,

I just got back from a week away in Scotland and thought I'd share some of the sights that we took in on our travels.

When I first got into photography a big part of the excitement was simply capturing the beauty of a place, or the feeling of a place. Most times these would be images from weekend breaks or adventurous holidays.

Going to Scotland has rejuvinated my interest in the beauty of that surrounds us and has reminded me how immediate and accessible that actually is.

We were lucky in that over a period of five days we probably saw as many clouds. The weather was unprecidented and gave us a view of the land that is probably seldom seen.

If you do get the opportunity just book a couple of days off and go. Rannoch Moor leading to Glencoe...WoW! It will knock your socks off.

All the best

Paul Scott

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