Thursday, 28 July 2011

Family Portraits: Titanic Adventure

Hi All,

Here's a bit of fun I couldn't resist.

A couple of weeks ago my dad asked me to take some pictures of him and his wife in their posh evening wear. They'd just been on a cruise but had failed to have a decent snap of them in their quality rags. That said he wanted a couple of nice portraits and if possibly a faked cruise shot (?!).
That said I brought my portable studio (speedlights, backdrop and umbrellas) and went to town. I did the usual combo of formal and informal shots and even persuaded them to step out into the field behind their house.
I really fancied doing a titanic shot, arms raised on the front of a huge boat...but could I find a decent image to place them in? Well see for yourself.
Got a few laughs but still could do with a decent cruise bow shot to plonk them on. So if anyone has seen one then do point me in the right direction!

All the best


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