Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The kids are alright: Prom Photography in Doncaster

Hi All,

These days kids have it all. It's hard not to be a little envious.

When I left school we did have an end of year leaving party...I think. It all merges together into that standard disappointing disco experience. Naff eighties music (think Jive Bunny), style deficits and unrequited crushes. I think the most vivid memory was walking home after one such disco in the rain, having failed to ask the girl of my dreams to dance, oblivious to the way that the rain softened the half tub of "product" on my head enough to cause an impressive green gel slick all over my pimply face.

Jump to 2011. Different story entirely. The kids are way more than alright. Disco? No way, lets have a prom, and lets make it an event to remember. They're arriving in fire engines, Trans Ams, Limo's, Mystery Machines, Vintage cars....Helicopters (I am not joking). These are the children of the information age, plugged into the zeitgeist through RSS feeds on their iphone. They are cool, informed and when they make the effort you wouldn't be surprised to find out that they have their own personal stylists. It is simply staggering to me to compare this to what most of us experienced at that age.
Having done the events side of Proms only the other week and catered to over 250 promsters it was nice to have a much more personal commission. These photos were taken to provide a memento for four girls who have been best friends since they can remember. It's precisely the the kind of work I love. You just know that these photo's will be prized for a lifetime.

It's a shame that Proms happen all at once because they are a real joy to do. If you would like to book me for your kids prom the do get in touch. There really are limited dates available to book early.

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