Monday, 17 October 2011

Lee Sharpe: Woodkirk Valley Country Club Football Pitch Opening

Hi All,

A very quick blog today with a face you might recognise. A week or so ago I was invited to take some pictures of Lee Sharpe at the opening of Woodkirk Valley Country Club football pitches.
Really I was just helping out a friend, but of course I'm always up for grabbing a few snaps of bods who are in the public eye.

The thing with this opening was that it had a real bitter sweet element to it. The original vision to get this project off the ground was spearheaded by two gents, one of whom had died prior to it's completion. So to honour these efforts the wife of the departed gentleman was presented with some flowers. It was clearly an emotional evening for her.
This young fellow has already been approached by some major clubs - he's that good.
Although the weather was truly British and a couple of tears wear shed, Lee Sharpe proved to be rather charming, a true gent infact...and a lot of fun. Indeed everyone seemed to be on a high. Partly no doubt because one of their local hero's was present but mainly because after such a long process the pitches were finally open. Game on!!


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