Friday, 11 November 2011

Wetherby Wedding at the Bridge Inn

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My last blog featured Stuart and Charlotte's autumnal engagement shoot. This one features some images from their big day. This Leeds based Wedding was in Wetherby, a place I'd lived for over 15 years!  It was good to be back and see quite a lot of old friendly faces at this wedding.  If I'm honest I'd actually worked at the Bridge Inn at about age 13.  I lasted one shift before the manager found out that I was too young to be carting booze about...ah hem.
Driving up from South Yorkshire I was convinced that this was going to be a wash out. The forecast had been bad all week and it really did look like the rain was set in for the day...and it was that really wet rain, you know? Anyway on arrival I set to work capturing a few details as per usual and noticed that Charlotte was thinking along exactly the same lines.

Prior to the service I managed to sneak a couple of minutes with the lads after a protracted debate on which way up the button hole flowers go.

And then it was time for the big moment.

What a fabulous room to get married in...

...and how many people can say they've been played out with bagpipes!? This gentleman was absolutely fantastic. He really played the part and was loads of fun.

By the time we got outside something rather magical had happened. Not only had it stopped raining, but we had blue skies! Really didn't expect that.

Having done some formal shots and the big group shot it was on to the reception where I left the party to upload a few images and take a few test shots for the evening. A big thanks to Peter at this point (Charlottes dad) for getting me and my second photographer one of the nicest gourmet burgers I've ever had - cheers Peter!

After covering the speeches we had a bit more fun going for a different look using a bit of lighting. While we were waiting I caught a couple of the groomsmen enjoying a special moment of their own...
Cheers for the idea Scott!
Finally they arrived, and it was well worth the wait, the girls had loads of fun glamming it up!

Then back inside for a bit of a dance.
This guy had some pretty special Jagger??
And as I finally left the party was still in full swing.

Thanks a lot Stuart and Charlotte for a fabulous wedding...I shall be in touch shortly to talk about my ideas for our next photographic adventure....grab your wellies hon, we're off to trash the dress!!

All the best

Leeds Wedding Photographer Paul Scott

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Examples of staged and natural shoots.
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