Wednesday, 28 December 2011

In House Family Portrait Session

Hi there,

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas...I still am! Turkey sandwich anyone?? Here's a few images that I took just before Chrimbo down in Retford of the fabulous trio that is Natasha, Ricky and Mia. This was actually a present bought from someone else. The idea being that they would get a DVD and an a couple of prints in time for the big day.
Conditions were perfect, great light, great venue and some very happy (and may I add, photogenic) subjects.

It's great when people are relaxed in front of the camera. It's not essential to get great images but it tends to save a lot of time. And with three hours at my disposal that day we made the most of it. We made full use of the house, shooting in the kitchen, living room, spare room and bedroom. We even went for a few studio style shots using a backdrop and a couple of lights.
And also squeezed in a couple of coffee breaks...

And to finish with a flourish we had a mad ten minutes in the living room producing a crazy family montage!
Whilst that was one of the images that got framed, my favourite of the day was actually of Mia (image at top of blog post), who stole the show. Both Natasha and Ricky were naturals but Mia displayed true modelling ability. Watch out Vogue!
So there you go, a good insight into what you can get (or give via my gift vouchers) from one of my portrait sessions. All of the images done at the clients' studio required! If you'd like to learn how to take photo's like this then have a think about taking one of my photography workshops.

Thanks a lot Natasha, Ricky and Mia. You guys really were ACE!

All the best


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