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The Google Plus Guide for Photographers: Strategies to Reach Your Audience

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I have been looking closely at Google Plus for a little while now and I have become convinced that it is THE social network for photographers. The thing is that this was not immediately obvious. What I have learned through trial and error is that it is an extremely powerful tool for networking, learning and raising awareness of your work.

What follows is a simple guide as to how to get the most out of Google Plus without wasting any of your precious time. Its much more than a beginners guide but should be comprehensible to all. It's effectively my Google Plus networking strategy so enjoy the rewards and come find me on Google+. In these posts you will find links to shared circles where you can instantly load up your circles with top photographers. You will find the same for top net workers theme curators and circle owners. You will also find strategies for raising your profile on the network. And as if that wasn't enough there's a comprehensive list of all the current daily themes that you can (and should) contribute to. It's all here in one place...finally.

So here's the overview. After this follow the links to cover each step in detail.

  1. Set your stall out, have a posting strategy. This means upload 4o images of your best work. Have a regime of posting between 1 and 5 images per day at key times. Submit your work to daily themes. Name and tag your images appropriately. Follow this link for my full posting strategy which includes lists of all themes that you can submit to.
  2. Have a circle strategy. Understand circles, create meaningful circles, load them up with the right people. Top photographers, like minded photographers, curators and net workers. Learn the best way to interact with these people. Follow this circle strategy link to learn how this works and most importantly quickly load up your circles with the right people. Within a few minutes you will be connected to the photography world in an organised and meaningful way.
  3. Become a member of groups and projects and interact on a daily basis. Ideally you want to be in groups that are sharing and interacting the most. This is one way you will see your following increase. Follow this Interaction Strategy link for explanations and ideas on how to be included in the right groups.
  4. Lastly just get involved and share. The more you give the more you will get back. Google+ is a new and exciting social network for photographers. Use it daily to help inspire yourself and other people.

The three strategies I am sharing (below) are extremely powerful when used together and give away the main tools that you will need to build a presence. Enjoy and have fun. I hope to see you on Google+ soon.

The strategies...

Overview: The Google Plus Guide for Photographers: Strategies to Reach Your Audience

Part 1: Google Plus Posting Strategy: How to Contribute Effectively and Build a Presence on Google Plus

Part 2: Google Plus Circle Strategy: Top Shared Photography Circles to Have and How to Manage Them

Part 3: Google Plus Interaction Strategy: Groups and Shared Circles

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