Thursday, 23 February 2012

Google Plus Interaction Strategy: Groups and Shared Circles

Hi there,

This is part three in a series of posts geared towards helping you to maximise your Google Plus online presence. If you have'nt already done so I'd recommend that you start at the beginning with the Overview and then go through the posts in order.

So if you are following me you should be in a pretty cool position. You'll be enjoying daily up dates from some of the worlds best photographers and have built a decent base of followers through importing shared circles and posting to daily themes.

Here we go now with a few more tips to boost your profile.

  1. Seek out shared circles, get in touch with the owners and ask to be included. Many of the circles on the shared circle database are still open. Be sure to put the circle owner in your network circle and see if you can join in. Information on how to apply to join these circles is usually on the actual shared circle post if you look for it. These circles are shared and re shared. I've added links to all the shared circle resources you will need at the bottom of the post. Get on them as soon as you can. G+ is booming the sooner you are on the better.
  2. Get on group lists. Visit . Add yourself to as many photography related groups as you can.
  3. Become part of the +G+ membership and the Public Circles Project. Links to how those work can be found on my profile. Be sure to do this though as they will help you raise your profile.
  4. Get involved with current projects such as Exposed G+ Photography Journal.
Finding Shared Circles

Here are the top places to find circles that as a photographer you want to be in. . This will be a fantastic database of circles that are published. It's limited right now but it does allow you to find out which shared circles you have been included in.

Then you can try the following...

As mentioned this is one of three strategies I am sharing are extremely powerful when used together and give away the main tools that you will need to build a presence. Enjoy and have fun. I hope to see you onGoogle+ soon.

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