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Google Plus Posting Strategy: How to Contribute Effectively and Build a Presence on Google Plus

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This is one of a three part strategy to really help you get a presence on Google+. Follow this link for an overview of the entire strategy.

You are here to learn how to use Google Plus effectively to gain a presence within the photography fraternity. As a photographer promoting your wares everything has to start with your images.The key to building relationships on Google Plus is to interact with a variety of professionals and enthusiasts by giving their images a +1, commenting on their images and taking part of discussions and hang outs. Whenever you interact meaningfully with people there is a good chance that they will stop by, +1 some of your images, maybe even comment and in an ideal world add you to one of their circles. Now in order to do this you need to set your stall out in the right way and that means having an accurate and honest profile and a selection of images to showcase your work.

What follows is a posting strategy including how to post, interact and ensure that you get maximum exposure with every image you post. In addition and most importantly how to use this exposure to engage your audience and increase +1, comments and your following.

  1. You can write a few words under your name. Do not leave this blank. Come up with your own strap line and be sure to include the word photographer in it. This way you have a chance of coming up when people search generically for photographers.
  2. Put five of your best images at the top of your page. Be sure to follow the tagging rules below (no5.)
  3. Fill in your details in on your profile. People do read these (especially when considering you for one of their circles) so try and be as true to yourself as possible.
  4. Make sure that you have a selection of top images uploaded to Google+. I would go for about 40 to start with. These are there for people to peruse at their leisure if they are interested in you. I’d advise uploading your work in discrete shared albums. So you may have one for landscapes, wedding photography etc. Whatever best categorises your work.Make sure it’s your best work. Do not fall into the trap of uploading any and all of your recent work. Quality in terms of images and content is what wins the favour of G+ audiences.
  5. Name images appropriately, add captions and tags. These will not only help your own organization of images but will massively increase the chance that these images will be found in search results
  6. To watermark or not to watermark. There has been a lot of talk recently regarding Google’s terms of service and the implications on copyright, so much so that it has even scared some people from actually publishing their work to the network. There really is no need to worry about copyright, and in terms of watermarking, well that’s down to your own publishing strategy. I’ll refer you to Google+ photographer God Trey Ratcliffe on this issue, he knows a lot more about it than me and he is big pals with Google.
  7. Now you should be ready to begin your posting strategy. A main element to this is being consistent. Aim for between 1 and 5 images daily. Post them individually, ensure you give some background or find some way to make the post engaging. Ensure they are named, labeled and tagged as above.
  8. Now here is the crucial element. Try and match each post to a daily theme. To do this you simply write the theme name with a # before it. Go for well known themes that have a large audience. You can submit on image to multiple themes if it fits. There is a little bit of etiquette involved in this so when you do this be sure to mention the curators name as well as the theme. In order to do that you write their name with a + infront of it. So if to submit your image to my windy Faces in Things Friday theme by simply writing #FacesinThingsFriday curated by +paul scott. If you want to know a bit more about how this works then read this post on How to contribute to Daily Themes in Google+ (just being written LINK). And here's a shared list I created of all the daily themes and curators that I have found so far...and at shared circle with all the curators and pages so you can import them straight in. Very useful...I know, you're welcome.
  9. Once you start to receive +1’s and comments be sure to respond with thanks. Visit these people’s pages and lavish them with +1’s and comments and praise where you think it’s appropriate. If you really like them consider putting them in one of your circles. The more you do this the more these people will take an interest in your work…and if you really rate these people then why not give them a leg up and share one of their posts.

Ok so you have set your stall out, uploaded your portfolio, have a regime of contributing your best images and are starting to get a response. It’s now time to get your circles in order and find people who inspire you, motivate you, might even help you or promote you. Have a look at this article Part 2: Google Plus Circle Strategy: Top Shared Photography Circles to Have and How to Manage Them

As mentioned this is one of three strategies I am sharing are extremely powerful when used together and give away the main tools that you will need to build a presence. Enjoy and have fun. I hope to see you onGoogle+ soon.

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