Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Themed Portraiture: Fine Art to Digital Art

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I thought I'd do a quick post on themed portraiture. This is a new service that I'm offering which combines a traditional portraiture with some post processing wizardry.

My main objective with doing these is to amplify the subjects personality, or put them into a setting that really establishes a specific mood. The results really are quite unique and the end result is a showcase image produced to the highest quality for very large printing.
For a real show stopping portrait such as the autumn piece at the top of the post there is quite a journey from conception to creation. Initially the idea is story boarded and sketched out on paper. Other images are then captured to help build the shot. These images become additional back grounds, foregrounds and textures that will later be composited and blended to create the final image. It's quite a creative process and to add a final layer of complexity all these elements need to be lit in the right way for the whole piece to hang together.

For other images a number of post production techniques can be employed to add form and texture to an image.

Here's one of the first ones I did...it's part of my Sub Urban Jedi collection. And it works because it's an honest representation of who I am....(I am laughing inside)...

And here's one of me and my mum. It employs similar techniques and is playing on camera distortion and a mix of processes to get a surreal and cinematic effect.

The images in today's blog are simply experimental works, but you can expect to see a lot more of this type of work (albeit probably more subtle!) in the near future. The beauty of this kind of portraiture is simply how much freedom it gives you. We can put you in a beautiful fine art setting, a hyper real alternate universe, or just enhance your images with evocative textures..the possibilities are literally limitless.

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